The STEP IOS replacement project has been undertaken to support legacy flight simulators worldwide.  The STEP IOS is an economical, Windows PC based, multiple touch screen, user friendly solution that runs on COTS hardware.  Flight instruction time and simulator maintenance related down-time are both reduced with the retrofit installation of this modern day system.

Most flight simulators can be retrofitted with the STEP IOS.  If the device is Ethernet enabled or has another type of high speed data interface such as HSD or DR11W, the device is a candidate for the STEP IOS replacement.  STEP can be installed on Encore/Gould/SEL, VAX, Concurrent, IBM, Harris Nighthawk, Sun, VME, and various other host computer configurations.  Simulators built by virtually any manufacturer are also candidates for the upgrade.

This website will show various main features of STEP, however if you are serious about retrofitting your IOS with a state-of-the-art facility, please contact us directly.  See the following links for details that may be of interest:
The STEP team also provides products and services that are related to flight simulator upgrades including:

  • Moving map additions for tablet PC.
  • Station database updates.
  • Visual system host hardware/software updates for various communications protocols.
  • Emerald display replacement.

Other custom solutions are considered upon request.

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